The Shed

The Shed / Sewing Room


A couple of years ago my husband decided to build a large shed to use as a workshop for his hobbies/being useful. So ‘we’ though it would be a clever use of space to add an attic and my sewing room was born. The boys also got a playroom so everyone was happy.

For the past two years this is where most of my sewing has happened and in that time I’ve acquired a bit more equipment. So to document it all here it is:


Singer 5430c about 10 years old


Frister & Rostmann Overlocker 1 yr old

Singer 99 Vintage motorised machine – needs an overhaul (useful husbands job)

Durkopp tredle sewing machine – if anyone has any information on this machine I would be grateful.

Durkopp Sewing Machine

Durkopp Sewing Machine

Molly the Dolly – brand new, only thing about Molly is I cant get her torso to extend as far as my own so I’ll have to use a bit of imagination when fitting.

Molly the Dolly

Molly the Dolly


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