Ginger and Edith



Ginger 022

Two finished garments to discuss today Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files and Edith Top by Maria Denmark (also a dress pattern). These patterns work well together as a summer outfit (if we ever get some summer appropriate weather here)

First Up Edith:20150528_135211

I’ve made this before – maybe two years ago (I think the pattern is around that long). It comes in a B and C cup option so that is great is you are a C cup – it eliminates the need to do an FBA. I still had to do my other regular adjustment – for broad back and a forward shoulder. I used Nano Iro double gauze fabric and it is so soft and feels great to wear.  I got it from Miss Matatabi during the winter.

Ginger 038Ginger 032Ginger 040

I got a new button hole attachment for my machine and it improves the whole buttonhole making thing tremendously.

It looks like this:

wpid-20150529_135140.jpg wpid-20150529_135156.jpg wpid-20150529_135102.jpg










I got it from an eBay site – I don’t remember which but you can easily find them on there.

I am so excited about it I made a video of how it works. Here is the link to the video – my first YouTube video!!

This is the finished buttonhole:

Ginger 062



Ginger Jeans

There been lots written about these jeans pattern and I have to say I agree with all the good stuff. I’ve made up a few trousers & jeans patterns up over the last few years and this one needed the least amount of messing around with to get to this point. I made up a quick muslin of size 12 in View A – low rise version with a bit of stretch denim I had leftover and had enough to muslin a shorts length version – (that’s gone to the bin – I don’t wear shorts anymore – just not me!).

After fitting the muslin, I added about 2 cm to the body length front and back – usual adjustment for me and fired away. They are super comfortable in this grey stretch cotton sateen. I only had enough fabric to make cropped trousers and unfortunately haven’t been able to wear them yet as it’s still freezing here in Ireland.

Ginger 053Ginger 027Ginger 021


There seems to be a lot of drag lines going on here. If anyone has any comments please feel free to let me know where I might be going wrong. I think they could be tighter in the legs and the waistband definitely need to be reduced as I have to wear a belt with them.

Heres a full length version:


Ginger 016


Overall, I am really happy with this outfit. It’s very easy to wear and I can suck up the weather and throw a cardigan on top and just wear it!!


My photos need a bit of work, I haven’t taken many timer photos of myself lately, but decided to give it a go in my new workshop/ Dress Fabrics HQ. My fabulous sewing space and soon to be online fabric store!!

This is the sewing area:



If you are on Facebook would you please give me a like – I’m trying to promote the shop in the lead up to launching in the summer. Here I am!


4 thoughts on “Ginger and Edith

  1. I really like the Edith top – Just sewtherapeutic also made a coupe of lovely versions recently and it is making me think that I should get round to trying it! I bought the pattern ages ago and then forgot I had it. I am interested to see that you did broad back and forward shoulder adjustments – have these worked for you? I am finding bodice fitting really challenging at the moment – I have tried both on various different patterns but I don’t think I have entirely got it right yet! I don’t have anything helpful to add on the Ginger jeans I’m afraid! You can definitely make them a bit narrower at the front and I feel as if there is something to be done with the crotch curve at the back, but most of my fitting consists of staring endlessly at books and websites and then randomly trying different things!


    • Hi Louise, I seen Justsewtherapeutics on instagram and it spurred me on to get mine done. Hers are lovely – actually I’d love to steal her entire wardrobe. The adjustments I made are ok – it’s still not perfect. I think SewBrooke did a post recently on the broad back and her method was slightly different – she cut a horizontal line through the armhole to add a bit there – I need to try this next time. As regards the jeans, I’m same as you – I read about what to do with these drag lines etc but when it comes to putting it into practise I’m flummoxed. Think I’ll put a few pics of my ass on Instagram and ask the experts out there. Maeve

    • Thanks Lynne, I really recommend the pattern, both as a top and a dress. I’m hoping to get a nice light denim or chambray to stock in my shop to make a dress version for the autumn.

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