How is it Spring already!!!

What happened to the first 3 months of this year.?? I have been working is probably what. I have made about 5 things since christmas, a shirt for my husband, 2 archer shirts for me, a knitting bag – Maria Denmark Lady Lotta, and lastly a Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt, which I am currently wearing and needs a wash.


Photos needed for all of these but I have one of the bag:


What’s on my sewing table? – a new pair of Fehr trade PB Jam leggings in black and zebra print. There a half finished Lekala tunic keeping Molly the Dolly warm for a few weeks now.


My sewing plans – I got both the new Sewaholic shirt patterns – Granville and Oakridge. I have printed out the Granville pdf and stuck half of it together. After I finish the tunic and leggings I’m going to muslin the Granville.

I got some lovely Cotton and Steel Frock Rayon a few weeks ago and am hoping to make the Granville with this (the fabric on the bottom).


I’m not making too many plans as I have slowed down on the sewing at the moment, I’ve a lot going on. At the moment every half hour I get to spend in the shed is great though – I find it really relaxing and an escape from all the stress. Thats what its all about!!


Keep on sewing…..