New Online Fabric Shop and talking hats


Online Fabric Shop

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time but I’ve been busy opening my own brand new online fabric shop over the summer.

online shop open

I think I mentioned it before that it was in progress but back at the end of July – I took receipt of my first shipment of fabric – a pallet load. I’ve been busy since getting my website up and running – a job that will never be finished, marketing, selling, making stuff with the fabrics and all of that. The boys were also on their very looong summer holidays until last week so its been busy.

buy half metre


Check it out – here is the new arrivals page.

OK, moving on……


Since the boys are back in school I now have most of the day mon – fri to get stuff done and hopefully I’ll have time to spend a few minutes on my old blog. I have a new blog on the website if you want to have a gander. I’ll keep this one going too – it might feel like a bit of an escape from the business end of things. This ones going to be for fun.

When I was sewing as a teenager – the year I did my leaving cert (end of secondary school) I started making hats – floppy hippy types of hats. I think it was a bit of a release from all the stress of studying and the exams, I decided after wearing a different one every week to the pub and Carrick Springs (the hotspot at the time) I would make them to sell at the Fleadh Ceoil. Its an annual Traditional Music Festival. Those were the days when there were few summer jobs (1991) so money was scarce. I made enough money the first year to pay for my weekend of divilment.

I had forgotten about that summer of hats, and of course I don’t have any hanging around or any photos. I even made flat caps for my dad and some of my uncles. What’s reminded me of this is my husband wears flat caps and loves them. But he has a big head. He eventually found a few that fit him but it’s rekindled something in me – I’m going to try to make him a hat – for christmas. I started on my journey this morning by trying a muslin of Waffle Patterns  free cap pattern.


It turned out ok – the smaller size fits me. The husband prefers a slightly different design and I’m going to try and draft it for him.

Well, what do you think of my first attempt?

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