I’m Maeve and from a beautiful part of the north east of Ireland. I started sewing and knitting in recent years when I was home rearing my two boys. Now that they are both at school this has morphed into an obsession and I make most of my own clothes.

While I was trying to teach myself to sew by googling sewing tutorials I discovered the world of sewing blogs. What a revelation! I never looked back, pages and pages of online inspiration! And the women (mostly)& men behind these blogs are a wonderful community that I want to be part of.

So the challenges for me in blogging are the writing and the photography parts – basically all of it! Lets see how it all goes – I’ve suggested one post a month. Wish me Luck.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve stumbled across an actual sewing blogger in Ireland. Now that’s made my day! Can you recommend any good fabric shops? I live in Dublin and there are a few nice (but mostly very expensive places) and I find shipping from aborad/not being able to feel the fabric a bit off-putting. Have a lovely long weekend.

    • Hi Benster, Apologies for the delay in replying, I haven’t gone near the blog this week as I’m supposed to be working ;(
      Welcome here. Its just early days as I only started this blog in January. My photos etc need a bit of work but I shall persevere. As for fabric shops, you have the advantage there as I only know the few in Dublin, there’s a bit of a fabric desert around these parts. I rely mostly online with an annual splurge in Holland when we go to visit relations. The markets are very good!

      Theres a few other Irish bloggers, off the top of my head: ‘a view into my world’, ‘Mabel Makes’, ‘sewn by angela’, ‘little stone cottage’ I’m sure theres more..


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