So that was 2014…

Hi Readers!


This is the year end and also the end of my first year of blogging. Thank you to all of you who have stumbled onto my blog and read, commented and liked my posts. It means a lot to me to realise that somebody out there is reading what I have to write about.

Since this is the end of year round up time, I’ll summarise my findings:

What I’ve learned this year –

  • Got better at making and fitting pants – both regular trousers and jeans
  • Made a few muslins of shirts for both myself and the husband – just need to polish up my collars and plackets and make them in some good fabrics.
  • Made lots of active wear – all by Fehr Trade patterns – leggings and tops.
  • In general got better at fitting myself, sewing knits, manipulating patterns to suit my own taste.
  • Spent a shit load on patterns and fabric.
  • Spent very little money on RTW clothing

Plans for next year:

Keep working on all of the above!!


 To catch up on the last few months sewing:

I made a list of garments I wanted to make – my Autumn/ Winter list see below:



I’ve ticked off most of these items – mainly due to the fact I have had very little paid work since Halloween – silver linings! A few have got finished over Christmas since we have been all too sick to eat and in isolation from visitors!! (more silver linings).


I decided, after some welcome interactions in the comments on my last few posts that I needed to make a few shirts and trousers for work. Thanks to GC Couture  who recommended the Burda JJ Blouse. I got this to fit with a few tweaks – my usual broad back adjustment. I made it in a chambray that will be great for summer or under a cardigan.


I also made a shirt from KnipMode magazine, My collar leaves a lot to be desired but Ive found some good tutorials since and think I should be able to improve on my next one. I dont have a photo of the finished blouse but take my word on the collar. Its got princess seams in the front – easy to avoid an FBA 😉



I got the Grainline Archer shirt during the recent Black Friday sale. Its next on my sewing list (the one in my head). Have to muslin it first but hoping to get it all done before the end of the christmas break.


I made pants – I started with the Simplicity Amazing Fit pants pattern and made numerous changes to it incorporating elements of Sewaholic Thurlows and the schedule of sewing of the Jalie Jeans pattern. I made them in the beige stretch cotton and they are a great fit, a bit mumsy looking but will be great for light fieldwork.

I made another pair in navy corduroy but I was a bit short of fabric and cut the legs out in opposite direction, wow – disaster!!!! I’ve learned now never to do this with corduroy!! They will be going in the charity bin.


Now I’m working on another pair of Jalie Jeans in dark blue denim. I hope they turn out as good as the pair I made a few years ago, I don’t know why I’ve only recently started wearing them regularly but I now love them. I will post a proper photo wearing them when I get the chance. ( I have finished them and they are comfortable – still need photo).




Just before Christmas, I got some Scuba fabric from Ebay. I made the Maria Denmark Pernille Pencil Dress with it on christmas day. It was a quick 2 hour dress, I’ve already used this pattern to make a nightie (and another on Boxing day) and a few t shirts. I like the raglan sleeves and the neckline on this dress. The pattern placement worked out well and thats purely by accident, I tried to see if I could line it up somehow but gave up.



Some other items I’ve made since my last post:

Bluegingerdoll Violet dress made in knit fabric from Michael H at the Knit and Stitch show in the RDS, Dublin. I had to take a lot of the fullness out of the skirt as I cut out the bodice first and almost ran out of fabric!!



Burda Cocoon cardigan in a light sweater knit I picked up at the market in Holland:




My biggest disaster this year was this:



Burda coat : If i had made it a straight size 42 and not made any alterations like I did (added 1cm to seams, did full back and full bust adjustments) it probably would have been ok! I showed it to my sister as it was like this on the dressform and her initial reaction was uggh…poxy… looks like  a grannies dressing gown! So maybe its just as well it didnt work out :’/


Right Now:

As in today, its been very cold the last couple of nights and the shed is beyond trying to warm up so I have brought a few lengths of fabric down to the house with patterns and I am in the process of a cutting marathon. I’ll be ready when temperatures climb above sub zero for a sewing session.

I also intend to make a page of photos of all my 2014 makes. I will aim to do this in January.

To Finish up:

Tis a while since I last posted. After the initial flurry of frequent posting I feel I’ve run out of steam. I started the blog in January of this year and recently I’ve been considering giving up. I actually prefer socialising with the Sewing world by twitter and IG. Or maybe its just a case of the winter blues set in- so for now I will keep an open mind and see what pans out…

Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and best wishes to you all for 2015 :))


Sewing plans

I’m trying to get back to blogging get more regularly but because I’ve been spending so much time at the computer working the past few months I find it hard to bring myself to do it for fun. I’ve started using my phone to type up my posts whenever I have a few spare minutes and it’s working out great. I typed most of my previous post and this one in snippets here and there.

Let this be the signal to be more productive blogwise.

Ok. So. Sewing plans…..

These were my early summer sewing plans back in June or thereabouts:

Tillys Miette skirt ✔

Made with blue linen but unfortunately have no photos of it and its put away for now!

Sewaholic Crescent skirt✔

Made with tie dyed stretch denim type fabric from Minerva Crafts


Dixie DIY Ballet dress✔

Made with cheap market fabric from Holland. This dress cost €5. I had to gather a rectangle for the skirt as 2M wasn’t enough, (must go back to buying 3M at the market). I lined the bodice with some nice Black Cotton Lycra from Tia Knight for a bit of support and warmth. I tried gathering the skirt with clear elastic but could not manage it so got some regular thin woven elastic and it worked with much less stress. The sizing I’ve been using to make this dress (my third so far) is small at shoulders, medium at waist and grading out to large at hips. Cos I’m a big pear.

sewing September 009wpid-20140914_112912.jpgwpid-20140914_123311.jpg






Hudson pants✔

As last post


Julia cardigan✔




Made with striped Ponte knit I can’t remember where I got it from. Its a nice squishy soft knit with grey / black stripes. This is my first attempt at this cardi, I didn’t muslin just went ahead and made the Size L. Next time I will make the size xl for a bit more room, this one is quite fitted on.









So 5 completed projects wasn’t bad for my busy summer of although 3 of the five were made in September!

I’ve made a list on a whiteboard in my sewing room for my current autumn sewing plans. It looks realistic:


So far I have muslined the Named Dakota bodice. I like the fit and I’ve discovered Named patterns are designed for taller women. The only fit adjustment I’m making is my usual full back adjustment and in this case raising the armhole a cm.


I want to make it in ponte but my stash has run out so I’ll have to wait til I feel I can order more fabric. My last credit card bill was a wake up call. I went a bit bananas ordering stuff in August and a lot of bad decisions were made. But it’s in the stash for a rainy day. I will make this dress during October as part of  Froctober but maybe not according to the official schedule. (Depends on fabric shopping ability)


I’ve made the purple workout tshirt for my Pilates class over the weekend.



Next up is the Ottobre jacket in a flocked ponte (above) I picked up last spring from Minerva Crafts. A girl in my book club gave me a pile of Ottobre magazines to mind for her (use as i wish) as she won’t have time to use them at the moment. I prefer the A/W issues as the clothes are more practical. There’s a good few items I’d like to make mostly out of one magazine.

So if the day job doesn’t take up too much time and energy I should be able to keep to my plans, it also doesn’t take account of possible deviations like another Ballet dress in fabric I have in the stash for some instant gratification.


Anyone out there have any solid sewing plans??