Sewing plans

I’m trying to get back to blogging get more regularly but because I’ve been spending so much time at the computer working the past few months I find it hard to bring myself to do it for fun. I’ve started using my phone to type up my posts whenever I have a few spare minutes and it’s working out great. I typed most of my previous post and this one in snippets here and there.

Let this be the signal to be more productive blogwise.

Ok. So. Sewing plans…..

These were my early summer sewing plans back in June or thereabouts:

Tillys Miette skirt ✔

Made with blue linen but unfortunately have no photos of it and its put away for now!

Sewaholic Crescent skirt✔

Made with tie dyed stretch denim type fabric from Minerva Crafts


Dixie DIY Ballet dress✔

Made with cheap market fabric from Holland. This dress cost €5. I had to gather a rectangle for the skirt as 2M wasn’t enough, (must go back to buying 3M at the market). I lined the bodice with some nice Black Cotton Lycra from Tia Knight for a bit of support and warmth. I tried gathering the skirt with clear elastic but could not manage it so got some regular thin woven elastic and it worked with much less stress. The sizing I’ve been using to make this dress (my third so far) is small at shoulders, medium at waist and grading out to large at hips. Cos I’m a big pear.

sewing September 009wpid-20140914_112912.jpgwpid-20140914_123311.jpg






Hudson pants✔

As last post


Julia cardigan✔




Made with striped Ponte knit I can’t remember where I got it from. Its a nice squishy soft knit with grey / black stripes. This is my first attempt at this cardi, I didn’t muslin just went ahead and made the Size L. Next time I will make the size xl for a bit more room, this one is quite fitted on.









So 5 completed projects wasn’t bad for my busy summer of although 3 of the five were made in September!

I’ve made a list on a whiteboard in my sewing room for my current autumn sewing plans. It looks realistic:


So far I have muslined the Named Dakota bodice. I like the fit and I’ve discovered Named patterns are designed for taller women. The only fit adjustment I’m making is my usual full back adjustment and in this case raising the armhole a cm.


I want to make it in ponte but my stash has run out so I’ll have to wait til I feel I can order more fabric. My last credit card bill was a wake up call. I went a bit bananas ordering stuff in August and a lot of bad decisions were made. But it’s in the stash for a rainy day. I will make this dress during October as part of  Froctober but maybe not according to the official schedule. (Depends on fabric shopping ability)


I’ve made the purple workout tshirt for my Pilates class over the weekend.



Next up is the Ottobre jacket in a flocked ponte (above) I picked up last spring from Minerva Crafts. A girl in my book club gave me a pile of Ottobre magazines to mind for her (use as i wish) as she won’t have time to use them at the moment. I prefer the A/W issues as the clothes are more practical. There’s a good few items I’d like to make mostly out of one magazine.

So if the day job doesn’t take up too much time and energy I should be able to keep to my plans, it also doesn’t take account of possible deviations like another Ballet dress in fabric I have in the stash for some instant gratification.


Anyone out there have any solid sewing plans??



Autumnal sewing plans

Well hey there dear readers. It’s been a while but I’m plotting away on my sewing plans for the coming weeks and months. I’ve had a good clear out of my wardrobe after reading Paris Letters by Janice Macleod.  I highly recommend this book, it’s basically a story of how one burnt out advertising executive decided to pack her one suitcase, leave the rat race and end up living a quaint life in Paris.  How she whittled her belongings down to one suitcase and bolster her bank account is inspiring.
Back on planet Maeve meanwhile, during said clearout,  jeans were relocated that still actually fit (yippee), and lots of room was made for new garments to be produced in the little old shed.

So I’ve already made a couple of basic patterns such as Capital Chic sweatshirt and True Bias Hudson Pants.



The sweatshirt I made from some cornflower sweatshirt fabric I picked up from Minerva Crafts in the Spring.




I finished the cuffs and bands in midnight ribbing I ordered from Plush Addict. I had also ordered the ribbing in cornflower but it was a few shades off the main fabric colour and I thought the contrast of the midnight colour looked better. The sweater turned out a bit big but is super cosy for wearing around the house etc. If I make it again I’ll make it a size smaller ( I have a striped knit in the stash in mind for the next one).





Hudson pants – I made these in size 16 and lengthened the legs by 4 inches and the crotch to waist by 2 inches. I used a heavyweight sweatshirt fabric also from Minerva Crafts. I ended up taking them down at least one size at the waist and hips. I left the width of the legs as is as I liked them a bit roomy. Next time I will take one of those inches off at the waist.


wpid-20140826_115959.jpg wpid-20140914_104153.jpg
The seams at the waist and pockets were very bulky and nearly banjaxed my overlocker – I ended up sewing these areas with just the machine.






Overall I love these pants. They are just regular track pants but fit very well however I’ve been told by my darling hubbie that I should stick to wearing them in the confines of the house. Probably not the ideal pants for my shape but they are very practical and functional.  I’ll wear them to Pilates class and at home.


Apologies for lack of me modelling photos but I’ve caught the man flu from hubbie and am really not in the mood for it.
So that’s me caught up with new makes. What’s in the pipeline?? Well check back in later to find out…..


For now here is a nice blue sky Irish country scene with bonus dog photo:



Other business : I will do my Liebster award post soon. Just need to have a think about it.

I’ve not gone away you know!!

Well, Its been a mental few months.


Since May I’ve taken on 3 different jobs which have turned out to be twice the work I had initially estimated. I’m self employed for the past 10 years, but due to the recession and having my boys I haven’t done a lot of work in the past 7 years but this year its all picked up again. I’m not used to juggling my full time mother job and my part time paid job. The boys have had school holidays since the 24th June so its even harder trying to get quiet time in the office to get these blasted reports written. My parents have taken them for little holidays which has been great and they can amuse themselves in their lego room in the shed for a while most days. So I am getting there. I seem to be working 6 – 7 days a week though which is getting me down, I mean I’m barely getting 8 hours work done in any one day but it s continuously on my mind and when I’m not working I feel guilty. Its messing with my sleep too and creating all sorts of vicious circles. But, anyway thats my whinging over with.


I have started doing a bit of sewing again and this week cut out 3 items I aim to finish before we go on our annual holiday to the in laws in The Netherlands in August. First is the Anda Dress a Burdastyle pattern . I made it a few years ago in a knit but thats gone in the recycling bin. I’m making it from a poly / viscose fabric I picked up in Utrecht market last summer. I love the colour and pattern on the fabric.

Anda dress

I muslined the Sewaholic Crescent Skirt 2 weeks ago and have cut a real one out of a tie-dyed denim from Minerva Crafts.


Crescent skirt cutout


Lastly I had some cotton floral print I got in a fabric shop somewhere – I thought Id get a Sewaholic Alma out of it but only enough for a Sorbetto, but thats ok I can wear a cardi with it.


That will be the sum total of my summer sewing, if I have time later I might do a roundup of everything I’ve sewn. This includes a Sewing Cake Tiramisu, Miette skirt (Tilly) and the Paula Pleat Skirt (Maria Denmark) I managed to sew earlier in the Summer before the crazy work really got going, a pair of burda easy skinny pants – made as cut offs. Sorry have no good photos just snap taken for IG.

Paula pleat skirttiramisu

In other news: Louise from not sew simple has nominated me for a Liebster Award. I will blog this later on when I have time to think about it. Its very exciting getting an award and my little blog is barely 7 months old!!



And, and, and, after reading a review on ANgela’s Blog I ordered this little beauty, I’ve only had a chance to glance through it but when I get time in the Autumn (hopefully) I’m going to experiment.

sew stylish book


Ok, Back to work, weathers beautiful so I’m going to skive off for the afternoon and bring the boys to the lake for a dip!!


Hope you are all enjoying your summer…

A very Late and Brief word on Me Made May




I’m giving you all my thoughts on my first experience of Me-Made-May. No massive photostream for you today – if I don’t publish this post right now, its never going to happen!!


In general my outfits are too boring I think to write a blog post about. I have documented lots of outfits on instagram I decided to only put up new outfits (as in no repeats) on Instagram, so it was not too boring for both me and you!

As Zoe said initially, its not about posting photos, its essentially about our relationship with our me mades. I think I generally wear lots of my handmade clothes at this stage as they are slowly taking over my wardrobe. I rarely buy anything RTW except a few pairs of jeans, tights/socks and bras in the last 2 years. I’m getting better at making normal clothes: knits, underwear and even trousers. I’ve found what MMM has helped me with is trying to wear more of my memade clothes and not wearing the same things over and over.


Ive made a rough plan in my head what I need to make over the coming months and as soon as I can write these thoughts down I’m going to blog it so I have it set in stone and maybe stick to the plan!!

Theres a few new patterns that have just been released or just about to be released and they are at the forefront – all nice and cosy knit patterns.

However sewing is going to be parked in these parts for the next month or so, I just got a job that needs to be done yesterday as usual. It will involve lots of fieldwork and loads more report writing and GIS (which I used to be a whizz at before kids but am so rusty- I’ll be learning on the job!! Thank you for YouTube tutorials).

I’ll be posting lots of photos on instagram (maeve39) of nice views/ plants etc for distractions on my long days of solitary fieldwork. And I’m sure I’ll be ordering lots of fabric to distract myself with when I’m writing up in the office.



Spring Race Challenge





Now onto the next bandwagon – Fehr Trades Spring Race Challenge. My race of choice is a 50 mile walk I’ve taken part in the last few years. This is the third year of the walk, the first year I walked 38 miles (60 KM), last year I walked every one of those 50 miles (80 Km). The area of the walk is where I was born and reared, the scenery is spectacular. Its a tiny place and still this walk has attracted masses of people and raised loada money for Cancer care in the area. A very worthy cause and much needed in these times of cutbacks.


This year I’ll be lucky to walk my goal of 30 miles. I haven’t walked as much this year in preparation, I’ve been running a bit  – like 5 k a few times a week and walking 5 miles once or twice a week. The last few weeks I’ve upped the frequency and length of my walking so I’m hoping that’ll get me to the 30 mile marker. I find the recovery period hard, I’ve been sooo tired after the previous years walks, but thankfully I’ve escaped the dreaded blisters, so far.


The date of the walk is Saturday 7th June –  Just 10 days away. Ive made a new pair of Fehr Trades Duathlon capri leggings and hopefully a new tShirt which isn’t made yet or fabric purchased aagghh, better get onto that pronto!!

Me Made May 2014



This is my pledge for my first ever Me-Made-May!!!

‘I, Maeve, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one me made item each day for the duration of May 2014.



MMM14 Day 1 Audrey in Unst Cardigan & Sewaholic Minoru Jacket.

MMM14 Day 1 Audrey in Unst Cardigan & Sewaholic Minoru Jacket.


So how am I going to make this work for me???? Well to complicate matters we are off on holidays next Sunday for a week. This is going to be a rugged outdoor hiking, walking, playing on the (chilly) beach type of holiday. Our holiday cottage is in the middle of nowhere a few Kms from a very small village. My ideal holiday.

Right, what I needed for this week away was a new pair of hiking pants, I have older ones but they are from my serious field work jobs and are a bit too serious. I found a respectable pattern in my modest stash of Burda magazines.


I applied my pants modifications that I figured out from a craftsy course about 2 years ago – you know – the curves and all that. I ordered some poly cotton from Pennine Outdoor. Have to say I got great service – I emailed them a while back because I couldn’t figure out what type of fabric would work for my pants and got a prompt reply with suggestions. I ordered and received it within 2/3 days -from the UK to the parcel motel near me.

Burda 118 04/2010

Burda 118 04/2010




I muslined a pair last week after my Easter guests had left – I hadn’t sewn for over 3 weeks so was itching to sew. I cut the size 44 with my adjustments and drafted a curved waistband cos they suit my wide hips/narrow waist curves. There is supposed to be two side cargo style pockets but as I was under time pressure I gave up after one. I’d need to practise this technique. My RTW hiking pants only have one pocket and I’ve survived with these for years!!



My other little helpers for MMM are a few pairs of underwear I have made/hope to make over the course of the month to replace all my very old worn out M&S pairs. I found the SOZO free pattern is a good fit and I’ve tried one paire from Gerties Slip pattern using jersey scraps. I would like to try one of Measuretwicecutonce new patterns too.

My running gear is also going to count – the PB jam leggings and XYT top and the Duathlon leggings.


If I have time I’m going to make more seperates- tshirts, shirts, more pants maybe. Then I’ll be on a skirt frenzy for June. I didn’t really like most of the skirts I wore last summer in the heatwave we had so have a few new patterns to try out – Sewaholic Crescent skirt is first on the list.


I will write an occasional post about my progress at MMM14 but I am not going to overdo it, I’ll post on IG or twitter more often, but this is just as much for me to wear a bit more of my me made wardrobe.