Going a bit off track today


Greetings. I’m sitting in a wood pondering the week that has past while the boys and friend build a gruffallo trap.

I had a work related meeting yesterday and as usual had the ‘what the hell am I supposed to wear’ dilemma. See I work for myself,  by myself most of the time either in my home office or out on site which can involve mucky fieldwork clothes or site safety gear and weatherproof clothes at best. So nothing very glamorous is required except when I have a day like yesterday.


Now with the benefit of hindsight jeans and a handknit cardigan or sweater would have done the job.

But i opened the wardrobe and I got out a tweed a line skirt I would have liked to wear with tights,  purple jeans and my – never before worn in public – navy Thurlow pants.

The Thurlows won out in the end with a portrait blouse and cardigan. I would have preferred to wear the skirt but chickened out. Now I’m glad I didn’t as I was freezing by the end of the meeting.



I’m not a fan of shirts of the button up variety on me and find them a drag to sew even though I muslined a princess seamed shirt earlier in the year. I think it’s the thoughts of all those buttonholes.

So what I am asking myself/ thinking out loud is: what do I wear to these sort of meetings?? I don’t think there is any kind of dress code in my line of work as long as I am clean and presentable.  But I would like to have a few outfit choices I can turn to without sifting through the wardrobe at the last minute when I’m trying to get the boys out to school.
I feel self conscious wearing skirts and dresses in this environment even though I have a few appropriate skirts – a line knee length that would work with cardigans and sweaters. I have one pair of trousers – the aforementioned Thurlows and jeans. My dresses are mainly knit casual dresses and probably not quite right for this job.
So should I be brave and wear the skirt? make some more pants? Muster up a few work appropriate dresses in sombre colours?

All suggestions welcome please…..




7 thoughts on “Going a bit off track today

  1. Sounds like you are on site a bit, so trousers.. I have to admit to not owning a single dress or skirt! I live in my trousers & jeans & they’re dead easy to smarten up or make more casual with jackets & jumpers/cardis. Good luck!

    • Hi Anne,

      I think you are right about more trousers. I live in easy jersey dresses/tunics and leggings/ tights and have got out of the habit of wearing proper jeans/trousers. I have made a few pairs of Jalie jeans and the thurlows of course so maybe I need to make some more. I also recently got the perfect fit simplicity trousers pattern so should crack on and try that one too!

  2. I’d say more pants. Skirts just don’t really work well for outside work. And while button-down shirts are boring to sew, they work very well for layering when you are going to be dealing with temperamental weather. You can wear a simple tee underneath and for extra warmth they look super cute (and professional) with a little sweater-vest thingy over the top.

      • I highly recommend the Burda JJ blouse–you can skip the ruffles and it’s got princess seams, so it’s super easy to fit. I haven’t had good luck with the sleeves yet, but I think it’s because I’ve got fat arms and tiny shoulders…

  3. I think woven tops (with a cardigan in winter!) are a good way way to go – I work in a fairly casual office and I fel much more ‘put together’ in a woven top than in a knit top. I have tried Tilly’s Mimi blouse, Sorbettos with sleeves and recently Capital Chic Bellini and they all work equally with smart trouser or jeans?


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