Autumnal sewing plans

Well hey there dear readers. It’s been a while but I’m plotting away on my sewing plans for the coming weeks and months. I’ve had a good clear out of my wardrobe after reading Paris Letters by Janice Macleod.  I highly recommend this book, it’s basically a story of how one burnt out advertising executive decided to pack her one suitcase, leave the rat race and end up living a quaint life in Paris.  How she whittled her belongings down to one suitcase and bolster her bank account is inspiring.
Back on planet Maeve meanwhile, during said clearout,  jeans were relocated that still actually fit (yippee), and lots of room was made for new garments to be produced in the little old shed.

So I’ve already made a couple of basic patterns such as Capital Chic sweatshirt and True Bias Hudson Pants.



The sweatshirt I made from some cornflower sweatshirt fabric I picked up from Minerva Crafts in the Spring.




I finished the cuffs and bands in midnight ribbing I ordered from Plush Addict. I had also ordered the ribbing in cornflower but it was a few shades off the main fabric colour and I thought the contrast of the midnight colour looked better. The sweater turned out a bit big but is super cosy for wearing around the house etc. If I make it again I’ll make it a size smaller ( I have a striped knit in the stash in mind for the next one).





Hudson pants – I made these in size 16 and lengthened the legs by 4 inches and the crotch to waist by 2 inches. I used a heavyweight sweatshirt fabric also from Minerva Crafts. I ended up taking them down at least one size at the waist and hips. I left the width of the legs as is as I liked them a bit roomy. Next time I will take one of those inches off at the waist.


wpid-20140826_115959.jpg wpid-20140914_104153.jpg
The seams at the waist and pockets were very bulky and nearly banjaxed my overlocker – I ended up sewing these areas with just the machine.






Overall I love these pants. They are just regular track pants but fit very well however I’ve been told by my darling hubbie that I should stick to wearing them in the confines of the house. Probably not the ideal pants for my shape but they are very practical and functional.  I’ll wear them to Pilates class and at home.


Apologies for lack of me modelling photos but I’ve caught the man flu from hubbie and am really not in the mood for it.
So that’s me caught up with new makes. What’s in the pipeline?? Well check back in later to find out…..


For now here is a nice blue sky Irish country scene with bonus dog photo:



Other business : I will do my Liebster award post soon. Just need to have a think about it.


5 thoughts on “Autumnal sewing plans

  1. I love the colour of your new sweatshirt! Whittling everything down to one suitcase sounds great – we made the move to Shanghai this weekend and the amount of stuff (mostly books and kitchen gear) we had collected over the past few years was insane!

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