A very Late and Brief word on Me Made May




I’m giving you all my thoughts on my first experience of Me-Made-May. No massive photostream for you today – if I don’t publish this post right now, its never going to happen!!


In general my outfits are too boring I think to write a blog post about. I have documented lots of outfits on instagram I decided to only put up new outfits (as in no repeats) on Instagram, so it was not too boring for both me and you!

As Zoe said initially, its not about posting photos, its essentially about our relationship with our me mades. I think I generally wear lots of my handmade clothes at this stage as they are slowly taking over my wardrobe. I rarely buy anything RTW except a few pairs of jeans, tights/socks and bras in the last 2 years. I’m getting better at making normal clothes: knits, underwear and even trousers. I’ve found what MMM has helped me with is trying to wear more of my memade clothes and not wearing the same things over and over.


Ive made a rough plan in my head what I need to make over the coming months and as soon as I can write these thoughts down I’m going to blog it so I have it set in stone and maybe stick to the plan!!

Theres a few new patterns that have just been released or just about to be released and they are at the forefront – all nice and cosy knit patterns.

However sewing is going to be parked in these parts for the next month or so, I just got a job that needs to be done yesterday as usual. It will involve lots of fieldwork and loads more report writing and GIS (which I used to be a whizz at before kids but am so rusty- I’ll be learning on the job!! Thank you for YouTube tutorials).

I’ll be posting lots of photos on instagram (maeve39) of nice views/ plants etc for distractions on my long days of solitary fieldwork. And I’m sure I’ll be ordering lots of fabric to distract myself with when I’m writing up in the office.




2 thoughts on “A very Late and Brief word on Me Made May

    • Hi Louise
      Only seen your comment and thanks so much for the award. I will get to this as soon as possible, I am absolutely snowed under with work at the moment and dont want to rush through this.


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