Spring Race Challenge





Now onto the next bandwagon – Fehr Trades Spring Race Challenge. My race of choice is a 50 mile walk I’ve taken part in the last few years. This is the third year of the walk, the first year I walked 38 miles (60 KM), last year I walked every one of those 50 miles (80 Km). The area of the walk is where I was born and reared, the scenery is spectacular. Its a tiny place and still this walk has attracted masses of people and raised loada money for Cancer care in the area. A very worthy cause and much needed in these times of cutbacks.


This year I’ll be lucky to walk my goal of 30 miles. I haven’t walked as much this year in preparation, I’ve been running a bit  – like 5 k a few times a week and walking 5 miles once or twice a week. The last few weeks I’ve upped the frequency and length of my walking so I’m hoping that’ll get me to the 30 mile marker. I find the recovery period hard, I’ve been sooo tired after the previous years walks, but thankfully I’ve escaped the dreaded blisters, so far.


The date of the walk is Saturday 7th June –  Just 10 days away. Ive made a new pair of Fehr Trades Duathlon capri leggings and hopefully a new tShirt which isn’t made yet or fabric purchased aagghh, better get onto that pronto!!


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