FehrTrade Leggings & XYT Top

Sewing feb 2014 041

I’ve been following Melissa’s FehrTrade Blog for a few years now, actually hers was on of the first I stumbled upon when I restarted sewing properly about 3 years ago. Think I found it through the Burda website.

Sewing feb 2014 052

I’ve always admired her running skills as well as her sewing skills so when she brought out her patterns late last year I had to give them a go. I have always been a walker. I had participated in a 50 mile sponsored walk in June 2012 and was sort of sick of walking after that! (still did it again last year and probably will again this coming June), but about a year and a half ago I decided to start running or at least give it a go to see if I could. So after 18 months of running or so I can now run 5 km comfortably in just over 30 mins. I’m not a natural and really struggled in the beginning. I found using a couch to 5 k app on my phone and listening to music helped motivate me. If anyone is considering taking up running (or like me jogging slowly) go for it and use what ever props you need to get there.

I found for walking a few kilometers a pair of skanky trakkies are perfect but running or walking a good distance I prefer proper sporty leggings (don’t like seams rubbing on my delicate skin ;-))

The RTW never fit me very well as I’ve a long upper body and need a longer rise in bottoms. So making my own is the perfect solution.

So what did I do:

I made up the leggings in my good fabric from Tissu Knits – Supplex Lycra I bought a metre each of three colours, navy , blue and grey. After washing and drying they shrunk a bit and I didn’t have enough of the main colour and had to use the contrast colour for the lower leg front.  I should have muslined really, I cut out in a medium based on my hip measurements and added 1 inch to the rise at the waist just for insurance.

After fitting I made the following adjustments:

Took 5 inches from the hem!! never had to do this before, for the next pair I’ll divide that up into 3 inches from above the knee and 2 inches from the hem

Took 1/2 inch from all side seams, next pair I will make a size small.

My stripes weren’t matching up perfectly to begin with but after all the adjusting they are really off the mark.

I cut the elastic as directed but on my first run they kept slipping down, so took off the elastic with the seam ripper and took about 3 inches from the length, fit perfectly now.


I added the pocket at the back and made it slightly bigger to ensure my Samsung G2 would fit. It works great, I used Melissa’s tutorial on how to insert an invisible pocket.

Sewing feb 2014 058Post jog face!Sewing feb 2014 066

Then I decided I should make the XYT Top. I used some stash lycra knit I picked up in Holland last summer for the main fabric and some of the scraps of navy supplex from the leggings for the back contrast. I made the size small at the bust grading to medium at the hip and added and inch or two to the length. For the built in bra I used  power mesh I had in the stash. I’m a C cup and the pattern is drafted to fit up to a B cup so I added half inch to the width and an inch to the length of the bra. In hindsight I probably only need to add to the length as I took in the side seams a bit during fitting.

002 001

I made the X back as this is my favourite. I love this top and guess what: the built in bra really works. I wear it under a long sleeved top while running and its perfect. Hopefully we will get some weather this summer to wear on its own.

I will make more of these, I have enough blue lycra to make a cropped pair of leggings to wear when the weather gets a bit milder and I intend to get some nice jazzy fabric to make a few more tops.

Have a great weekend folks!!


8 thoughts on “FehrTrade Leggings & XYT Top

  1. I really want to try this pattern but have been nervous of trying to sew stretchy Lycra – did you use an overlocker or regular machine? I love how your versions came out so I may have to give it a go!


  2. I love what youve done with the three colours! I think it’s a great idea & looks fantabulous. Your running top is also a cool addition – I’m so glad you are enjoying the freedom making your own exercise gear brings. Hoorah!

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