Sew Blue February

Sewing feb 2014 030

My sew blue February contribution is the Yasmin Yoke skirt by Maria Denmark. I think I love Maria Denmarks patterns, they fit me pretty good without much messing around, the style is good for me and she has started making her patterns available in a C cup as well as the standard B cup – (good for us lazy c cup seamstresses).

Sewing feb 2014 040

I’ve made the Edith dress twice, Laura Lounge pants twice, Brigitte T shirt , Kirsten Kimono tee and Day to night drape top all numerous times and the Yasmin skirt twice now. (I also have her three newest patterns downloaded and waiting for spring (ie. time) to make).

Sewing feb 2014 034

The Yasmin skirt is a slightly A lined shape with a Yoked waistband, comes in two lengths and has pockets! I started with size 42 at the waist grading to 44 at the hips and made it the longer length. I took it in a further 1/4″ or 1 cm at the waist when I had the shell ready for fitting on.

Sewing feb 2014 033


I trimmed 1 ” from the bottom of the skirt and turned up a 11/2″ hem.

The fabric is a Royal Blue 8 whale from Calico Laine. I added a lining – just some regular stuff I had in the stash and lined the yoke with some nice butterfly cotton I bought a few metres of last year on my fabric splurge trip to Utrecht.


Need more practise matching seams!

Need more practise matching seams!

I attached the lining to the Yoke facing and then attached it to the main skirt  and sewed on down along the invisible zip to have a nice clean finish. First time I managed that, I usually end up slip stitching the lining to the zip tape but so glad this worked.

This skirt took around 3 days of 1 hour increments to make, its great to have TNT patterns like this for instant gratification.

 I love wearing these kind of skirts – they are ‘me’! I just wish I had the confidence to wear more often without justifying it – I’ve said before on twitter  that I don’t fit into the working from home/stay at home mother uniform – I like making and wearing skirts & dresses and most are very comfortable & practical but I get comments & looks which make me feel uneasy – stated as compliments but I know its like a sneer or they are not comfortable with my dress sense (why am I not wearing Jeans/ track bottoms all the time).

Maybe I should get over it and not be so sensitive!

Right, thanks for reading, I have photos taken for my next post – its the Fehrtrade PB Jam Leggings and XYT Top. Watch out for it………


12 thoughts on “Sew Blue February

  1. I love that skirt on you though I still haven’t checked out the pattern! That’s interesting about the comments you get, they are probably envious of your dress sense. I tend to wear jeans, but haven’t noticed comments on those who wear dresses/skirts.
    I really like your style – if that counts 🙂

    • Thanks Angela, you are such a confidence booster! it’s probably all in my head. I used to live in jeans too but last few years I got eczema and softer clothes like tights & leggings are more comfortable.

    • Thank you Inge. I might blog them later on. The fabric I used for my second one was a bit light for a dress. I might try do something with it or shorten it into a shirt. Haven’t worn it. My first Edith is perfect though. Watch this space….

  2. Looks terrific! And wow you’ve sewn a lot of Maria Denmark patterns. I think you can wear whatever you feel comfortable and decent in. If people don’t like it, that’s their problem.

  3. Oooh, that’s a lovely skirt. Great style and I love the colour. The winter mum uniform here seems to be skinny jeans, tucked into boots, jumper and a parka. And then there’s me in silly full-skirted dresses with pirates or elephants on. Hahaha!

    • I love your dresses and prints Louise – keep wearing them! I just needed a bit of encouragement when I was writing this post and I’ve got it from you all for which I am very grateful. I’ve worn the skirt a few times in the last week and didn’t notice what I was wearing so it must be good 😉

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